About this site: This is a memorial site celebrating the greatness of A&M Studios, which was the arguably the finest recording studio in the world between 1986 and 1998. In 1998 Polygram was sold to Universal, who had no use for a studio. The studio was stripped to a skeleton staff and run at a bare minimum until it could be sold. In 1999 it was finally sold to Jim Henson productions, but not before Mr. Jimmy Iovine - head of a division of Universal - took much of the original vintage equipment for his own studios, leaving the well-designed rooms. The Henson company has invested in new gear and is operating the studio at this time. The Henson company was later purchased by a German firm.

The studio formerly known as A&M is now

Phone: 323-856-6680 Fax: 323-856-2712

The rest of this site is presented as it was when I left the company in 1998.