State of the art CD and Lacquer mastering,
editing and preparation in all formats.

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In addition to the basic Sony DMR 4000 and Sony PCM 1630, we have...

And some other stuff...

D1 also features our custom laquer cutting system used for the creation of vinyl LPs. On the outside it's your basic Scully lathe with a Capps preview system. However, this system has been modified and tuned to perform far beyond the standards of the stock system.

Vinyl is alive and well and will be around for a long time. In fact, there is virtually a vinyl revival going on. Many audiophiles prefer it. Dance DJ's, Techno-Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap and Disco wouldn't be the same without it!


And while the 3/4" U-matic PCM 1630 format is still the ONLY format that we recommend, we can also provide Exabyte and CDR masters.

Andrew can be reached at:
andrew@amstudios.com mailbox

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