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had this to say about our duplication facilites in their spring/summer issue 1997:

A&M Recording Studios' post-production facility includes one of the most impressive duplication capabilities we've ever come across. Housed upstairs in the recording studios situated on the old Charlie Chaplin movie lot in Hollywood is a large room with an entire wall of racks housing TASCAM 122MKIII professional cassette decks.


A&M has a current total of 75 machines which are connected to a central computer controller, running custom software and hardware created by designer and record producer Stephen Barncard. The software provides eight program pages, each divided into a main and secondary systems. There are two monitoring systems and each of the 75 decks can be auditioned individually by means of a “scanner” feature in the software that allows every deck’s playback head to be listened to for quality control. The scanner’s scan rate is adjustable, so a fraction of a second or any time desired can be heard on each deck in sequence. The hardware has a total quantity of 156 inputs on two stereo busses to allow the monitoring of every audio device in the room, all controlled from a Macintosh computer. The other Macintosh in the room is used to create custom lables for cassettes, DATs and CDs.

As Perry Cunningham says, “We do some off-the-street jobs, but mostly industry work. We handle pre-release work for many of the Polygram labels, including Polygram, Mercury, London, Capricorn, and of course, A&M. The TASCAM 122MKIIIs are great decks; we’ve had good luck with them and they make really good-sounding cassettes.”

“Every day, we do input-output calibration, speed calibration and azimuth alignments. We pull all the decks out of the wall periodically and do the internal alignments as well. We have in-house techs that stay pretty much on top of matters, so we make as good a cassette as you can make. We also have any kind of program source you might want- 1630, DAT, CD, 1/2-inch, 1/4-inch and so on.”

“There are 11 decks in each of the racks in the wall, and each rack’s decks are fed by a line amp so every deck gets precisely the same input level. We’ve really tried our best to make each cassette sound the same-as close to identical as possible. If there is any difference in the sound at all, we’ve tweaked and tuned and done everything possible to ensure that it’s strictly the result of tape-to-tape batch or local tape emulsion differences.”

“People generally expect to have their cassettes sound like their masters, which can be pretty tough to do sometimes. The TASCAM 122MKIII cassette decks deliver what we consider to be the best audio that can be achieved using the cassette tape medium.”

In addition, A&M Post Production can create many copies of not only your Red Book audio CD, but any other known CD format as well. And we can make CD-Rs from your DATs. Call today for competitive pricing on all your media copying needs.