Various Views of the Rooms At A&M Studios


NEWS FLASH - 1-22-1999
A&M Studios and Mastering CONTINUE IN BUSINESS!

Despite what you've heard about A&M RECORDS, A&M Studios is still operational and ready to serve you.

A&M Recording Studios is a world-class audio, multi-media, recording and mastering facility located in the heart of Hollywood, California on the historic Charlie Chaplin lot. Here you can do a complete record project from concept to mastering in one place.

Join the producers and artists that know this is the place that offers not just rooms and boards, but first-class service as well. A common misconception is that we serve only A&M Records artists, and that is simply not true. More than 80% of our business is from other record companies and independent producers.

Take a cyber-tour of our facilities right now, or if you don't have time or would like to neatly print this out, download the cross-platform Adobe Acrobat© Document below:

Download the A&M Studios brochure. Approximately 176k.

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